Scott Felton

So having done all my research over the years I have now decided to back track on much of what I have written so far.

I now believe that the Berywn UFO Incident was indeed a crash of an extra-terrestrial craft with occupants not from earth.

I firmly believe that John Williams is now actually correct along with Andy Roberts. I apologize to Russ Kellett for being defamatory about him and I take back any negative approaches to his work, he was right all along and I am sorry for shooting you down so quick.

There is no alien base under Penguin Island but I fact it is located approx 2/3 miles off shore from the area of coast near to Tywyn, Gwynedd, Wales UK.

I believe the grey aliens are in our government and I believe the Queen and at least 60% of the Royal Family or Reptilian aleins from Draco ssyetm and possibly Mars.





7 thoughts on “Scott Felton

  1. We apologise for our employee here. His tenure with us will be terminated forthwith. Darren, dont forget to give security your pass on the way out.


  2. really darren. So it is true. All those times you are mentioned on the conway UFO group mailing list telling everyone each time you create another fake page or make a fake ufo report. It is true you are a sick twisted sychopath. You are so smart, you can’t even work out that Felton as you call him lives near Conway (clue in the name) and he’s not even Welsh. You do no he’s built up his group mailing list since 2003 and has over 1000 people who get it. i’m one of them. You are world famous darren. Thousands of people no you as a failed ufologist who only stole stuff to pass off as your own. And the school gardner in llangollen. You thought of that because it is actually you who has the track record of abusing vulrable women and there kids. Ive read all about it The email about your activities in scotland and that outdoor shop is world famous and true because anyone can ask and it is confirmed by real victims. Not imagination. every time you post i look forward to the next hilarius email. The best is yet to come you do no he’s comissioned to write a book on the case and you rusell kellet and a couple of otherliars and hoaxers are getting your own personal chapters. Youll be famous after all darren. Thats what youve always wanted, fame. I cant wait. I think plod will be wanting to talk to you then. Your a mentally ill failure. Your family must be proud of you and the true fame on the horizon I no your sick darren but keep the laffs coming


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