Scott Felton

So having done all my research over the years I have now decided to back track on much of what I have written so far.

I now believe that the Berywn UFO Incident was indeed a crash of an extra-terrestrial craft with occupants not from earth.

I firmly believe that John Williams is now actually correct along with Andy Roberts. I apologize to Russ Kellett for being defamatory about him and I take back any negative approaches to his work, he was right all along and I am sorry for shooting you down so quick.

There is no alien base under Penguin Island but I fact it is located approx 2/3 miles off shore from the area of coast near to Tywyn, Gwynedd, Wales UK.

I believe the grey aliens are in our government and I believe the Queen and at least 60% of the Royal Family or Reptilian aleins from Draco ssyetm and possibly Mars.





9 thoughts on “Scott Felton

  1. Hi Russ, thanks for sharing this with the world it seems your feud with Felton is still ongoing. Question is, which one of you is now telling the truth, because the Berywn UFO case has now become a bit of a joke. The information out there has clearly been fabricated 10 fold!

    The UFO community has been infiltrated by people working for the ‘authorities’ for years. It seems in the last 10 years its been highly successful, and those working for the likes of MI6, MoD and private contractors have gained from it.

    I love the UFO subject, but won’t trust anyone now who claim to be a investigator or researcher on the subject.


  2. Mr. Kellett, I saw the article about Robin Williams. I would like to share with you my experience with UFOs. Years ago I started writing a book related to this topic. My topic was somehow suggested from the outside. I have a feeling I have to finish it because I left it. Something is pushing me hard to do it. I thought this was too naive to be true, but your actions in this direction show me that it is not. I am sending you a working page from the book. If this interests you, I will send you the rest of the finished part. I really need to continue, because what happens to the main character Sam, to some extent affects my personal life. I try to ignore it, but something tells me to keep going. I have the feeling that you are one of the people who can help me. Please. Sincerely Pierino, Beverly, UK

    Chapter one

    А mysterious voice

    After a long exhausting working day, Sam Brown arrived home driving his car on a busy highway in a big city. It was hot. He was working as an editor in a publishing fashion magazine agency. Having arrived home he went to the fridge. Drag a piece of ham and a slice of cheese. He put on two slices of bread in the toaster and opens a bottle of cold beer. He switches on the computer and sat comfortably. Took a sip of the cold bottle and began to browse the network. After a few boring news, he enters on Facebook.
    Some of his partners were uploaded photos and promotional material for the magazine. During this time the toast with toasted bread was ready. He put a slice of ham and sliced cheese between the two and bit off. The city pulsated with busy streets and lights appear on the windows of his apartment. He was tired after a long busy work week. He went to the bathroom, undressed, and took a quick warm shower.
    Put on a white robe and went to the middle of the room. There was conveniently located the sofa, where he is relaxing slowly while looking for remote control. Turn it on and the screen shows painfully familiar images. He began to jump from channel to channel and finally he left only music in the room.

    Meantime he is opening a second beer and continues to drink thirstily. He is started to review some of the contracts with the Agency, left on the table. Fatigue, however, prevailed; he went limp and fell asleep. Nothing embarrassed his sleep. He was cool. It was quiet around here. Music was stopped. In this state of complete rest, he finds that someone talks to him.
    -Hey Sam, how are you?
    He could not understand from where the voice is coming and how to answer it. Nobody was in the room.
    -Hey Sam, I have something important to tell you.
    -Who are you and where are you? He asked himself.
    -It really doesn’t matter right now, just listen. I’m looking for you for a long time and you know it.
    -Who are you? “-repeat Sam. Everything that was happening seemed like a dream. He was dreaming but the conversation was real.

    -I will tell you only one thing. You have been chosen among many others, for a special mission. You know that.
    Sam stopped breathing for a moment and said:
    -Yes I know. I was expecting a notice, but not like this…
    -Good. I don’t have much time to waste. Listen carefully and be mindful that well. You and six people still need to complete an important mission. You were chosen after long and careful research.
    You’re the first of all seven. The discovery you took more than the necessary time. We can’t look for the remaining six of the team. You should do this. Just remember one thing without the other six the mission cannot be accomplished. All of you possess exceptional qualities and are related in a certain way. Your task is to find out what they have in common with you and the others, who and where they are.
    Once you find them you have to convince them that each of them was selected for the Special Mission. In addition, you have to meet at a specific place at the same time.
    You have a limited amount of time alone and if you fail to deal with the task of the time this would be fatal for you and many others. This is a rescue mission.

    tell: 07754753929


  3. We apologise for our employee here. His tenure with us will be terminated forthwith. Darren, dont forget to give security your pass on the way out.


  4. really darren. So it is true. All those times you are mentioned on the conway UFO group mailing list telling everyone each time you create another fake page or make a fake ufo report. It is true you are a sick twisted sychopath. You are so smart, you can’t even work out that Felton as you call him lives near Conway (clue in the name) and he’s not even Welsh. You do no he’s built up his group mailing list since 2003 and has over 1000 people who get it. i’m one of them. You are world famous darren. Thousands of people no you as a failed ufologist who only stole stuff to pass off as your own. And the school gardner in llangollen. You thought of that because it is actually you who has the track record of abusing vulrable women and there kids. Ive read all about it The email about your activities in scotland and that outdoor shop is world famous and true because anyone can ask and it is confirmed by real victims. Not imagination. every time you post i look forward to the next hilarius email. The best is yet to come you do no he’s comissioned to write a book on the case and you rusell kellet and a couple of otherliars and hoaxers are getting your own personal chapters. Youll be famous after all darren. Thats what youve always wanted, fame. I cant wait. I think plod will be wanting to talk to you then. Your a mentally ill failure. Your family must be proud of you and the true fame on the horizon I no your sick darren but keep the laffs coming


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